The one with the Sydney cooking class

I had planned another post for today, but bumped up my Sydney cooking class post because I was just that excited and happy about it! I’ve taken several cooking classes in my day (though never one in Sydney), and I’d say that more often than not, I’m left a little disappointed (there are too many people, the food isn’t great, the kitchen area leaves much to be desired, etc); however, the Sydney cooking class I took yesterday at Williams Sonoma in Bondi Junction left me feeling the exactly the opposite.

Let me back up, when we initially moved to Sydney, I was walking past Williams Sonoma and spied a board advertising a gluten free cooking class at the end of March. Although it was a ways off, I eagerly signed up! I mean, who doesn’t love Williams Sonoma?? And having celiac disease, it was a good class for moi!

{Part of} the lovely kitchen area

{Part of} the lovely kitchen area

I rolled up on March 26 at 11AM and was greeted by the friendly chef (and teacher) as well as 3 other attendees – a small class, already off to a good start. We were told since there were only a total of 4 of us, we would have our own work station in the kitchen and there would be plenty of food to bring home. The teacher was warm and answered each question we had – she even tweaked one batch of the biscuits we made to experiment a bit.

Huliya, the chef and our teacher extraordinaire!

Hulya, the chef and our teacher extraordinaire – she was great!

So what did we make? First up was dessert (again my kind of class)! Ginger almond Moroccan biscuits (the recipe called for them to be rolled in powdered sugar, but the tweak we added was toasted coconut – delish). Hulya gave us some fun baked tips along the way (how to tell the eggs were fresh, the best way to scrape ginger, easy ways to separate eggs), and before we knew it, the kitchen was filled with a yummy sweet almond and citrus aroma.

Sydney cooking class, complete with ginger almond cookies

Sydney cooking class, complete with ginger almond cookies

The end product - the two versions of the ginger almond biscuits

The end product – the two versions of the ginger almond biscuits

While the cookies were baking, we settled into our respective cooking stations to start on the second dish: crisp socca with mozzarella, rocket and olive dressing. I’d never heard of socca before, so if you’re clueless like I was, socca is kind of like a thick crepe, typically savory and made with chickpea flour. Our recipe called for a cheese, greens and olive interior, but in one could truly add whatever flavors they’d like to this dish.

Our ingredients, ready for socca preparation

Our ingredients, ready for socca preparation

Can I flip it without everything falling apart?

Can I flip it without everything falling apart?

The completed socca

Yes, in fact I can! The completed socca

I loved cooking at the Williams Sonoma kitchen-top with all of their fabulous utensils, bowls, pans, etc – it made me miss some of our kitchenware, collecting dust at a storage locker in Charlotte! Hulya would rotate between us and check to make sure we were doing alright with the recipe and answer any queries we had – it was a fabulous experience.



After our socca were done, we gathered at the bench to have a bit of a lunch, complete with wine and cookies!

A great morning at the Williams Sonoma Sydney cooking class

A great morning at the Williams Sonoma Sydney cooking class

Of course I cant speak for all of Williams Sonoma’s cooking classes, but should you be in Sydney, check out the Bondi Junction’s location’s classes – the chef is just great and the facilities are immaculate. Below are the recipes (excuse my notes!), so if you’d like you can whip up these delights yourself – even if you’re not gluten free, I promise you’d probably enjoy both dishes. Until next time..

Williams Sonoma Cooking Class Bondi Junction 13

Socca recipe

Williams Sonoma Cooking Class Bondi Junction 14

Ginger almond biscuits recipe


The one with the Liebster Award

A few weeks ago, my blog friend (and as of last week, real life friend!), Courtney of Alkeks Abroad nominated me for a Liebster Award. It’s kind of a weird/small world story how we initially “met”, but essentially we crossed paths when my family moved away from Katy, Texas when I was in the 8th grade and her family moved to Katy, Texas in the 8th grade – weird, right?? She lives in Brisbane now, me in Sydney – even weirder! We finally met in person last week when she was in Sydney with her sister – it was so fun. I’m so touched that she nominated me as I love reading her blog – and checking out her amazing travels as well.

So what is a Liebster Award exactly? Basically, it’s an online award that is given by bloggers to blogs that they love (usually with less than 1,000 followers). Once you are nominated you answer questions written by the nominating blogger and nominate some blogs that you love. So without further ado….

1. What is your favorite thing about living in Australia?
I love the unique travel opportunities we’ve had since we moved here. Places we’d never heard of, let alone dreamed of visiting, are spots we’ve been able to travel to, which has been such a blessing. Mauritius is a perfect example:
Le Morne, Mauritius

Le Morne, Mauritius

2. What surprised you the most about living here?
I always figured Australians were cool – like those surfers dudes you picture, right? – but Australians are way cool and always curious. I think everything from their accents to their slang to their food to the fact that many are so well-traveled blows me away. I love hearing their stories and they always seem to want to hear about yours – for the most part, they’re Australia is full of authentic, salt of the earth people, and I’ve been blown away by how much I’ve enjoyed meeting Aussies. 
3. If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Hmmmm….probably Friends. Or Veep! I cant wait for the new season to start. 
4. If you could move anywhere else in the world where would it be?
Probably London – I’m a sucker for a Kate Middleton spotting ;)
5. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging would be the connectivity it provides – not in the technological sense, but rather how it makes you realize that you aren’t so alone in your experiences and feelings towards the experiences about which one blogs. I love that community!
Least favorite thing would be that sometimes I can get wrapped up in how many followers or comments or likes or whatever, when in reality, I have to remember why I started blogging at all – and that that other stuff just really isn’t as important. 
6. What’s your typical brunch order?
If they have gluten free bread, I love french toast! (FYI: I just went to Trio this past weekend in Bondi, and they had an amazing GF raspberry french toast.) Otherwise, some kind of omelette and a side of bacon :) Always with a flat white (or mimosa)!
7. What’s your next travel destination?
Our next trip is just a quick one – to the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, when my mom visits next week for Easter weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing more of New South Wales as well as the wine country north of our adopted home. And while we haven’t booked anything as of year, sailing the Whitsunday Islands is also on our list before we leave Sydney.
8. What’s your favorite book you have read lately?
This is my favorite question so far, given my penchant for reading and a recent blog post! Of that list, I’d have to say The Rosie Project was the best I’ve read recently – it’s such a sweet, funny story. 
9. What’s the first place you take visitors to?
Well, my mom is our first visitor, and I think our first stop will be the beach by our apartment – strolling Clovelly, Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi via the walkway is such a fabulous way for visitors (especially jet-lagged ones) to see part of what makes Sydney so spectacular. But the Opera House is a close second. 
I do miss Charlotte, but nothing compares to views like these

I do miss Charlotte, but nothing compares to views like these

In Perth, I would have totally recommended Margaret River to visitors – Dubai: the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, hands down.

10. Favorite post that you have written?

I have two contenders for this one – very different types of posts from when I first started blogging. 

The first would be when I really opened up about being an expat housewife; I was really struggling with my place and role when we first became expats (after having worked a full time office-type job for so long), and I opened up about it in this post. I dont think it’s particularly eloquent or has interesting pictures or anything, but the response I got from it then (and even now, if you can believe it) was immense and so comforting – it goes back to that community where you feel less alone. 

The other post was from our first big trip away from Dubai – to Capetown. I love, love, love Capetown, and I’m so glad we went away, spur of the moment, that Eid. 

Capetown, October 2013

Capetown, October 2013

 So there you have it! My Leibster Q&A – thanks Courtney for the nomination :) So in turn, I nominate my two amazing blogger (and real life) friends from Perth, Becca and Susie, to answer the below questions on their respective blogs.
1. Summarize your blog in 3 words
2. What do you value most in life?
3. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4. What has been your favorite travel destination?
5. Where do you want to visit next?
6. What has been your favorite part about living abroad?
7. What is one piece of advice you would given a new expat?
8. Why did you start your blog?
9. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
10. If you could meet any ONE person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Until next time…

The one with the new blog design!

This post definitely deserved an exclamation point! Hopefully you’ve noticed the new design to my blog – and even more hopefully, you like the changes. I’m so happy with how the new design turned out and would like to thank Tanea of Tanea Nicole Design for all of her help, work and ideas these past few weeks – and of course, Karen from K. Jane Studio for her lovely work on the header.

The updated color scheme for Abby's Roads

The updated color scheme for Abby’s Roads

We’re still working out a few kinks here and there, but the fabulous, overall look was exactly what I was hoping for: clean, feminine (definitely needed the touches of pink here and there!) and simple – a great way to showcase Abby’s Roads. So as I say to the right, sit a spell and enjoy the new layout and design :) And if you have any thoughts, do let me know! Until next time…

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope y’all each had great weeks – I felt like this one flew by so quickly. Frankly, I can scarcely believe my mom will be here in Sydney a week from now – I cant wait :)

So this week’s five is a bit of a hodge podge, but the stipulation is just five things that caught my eye over the course of the week, and this random assortment definitely fits that bill.

| ONE | Herschel backpacksY’all, Sydney is obsessed with these backpacks! You can’t walk a block without seeing at least two people sporting one. I was told by my husband that given that we just bought a new backpack for New Zealand a few months ago, I did not, in fact, need another backpack. Darnit! :)

The Little America Herschel Backpack (image via Herschel)

| TWO | Easter baskets. I love any excuse to eat candy. I frankly dont even need an excuse, but Easter is pretty good one. I went to CostCo earlier this week and was inundated with chocolate bunnies and eggs galore. Frankly, I’m holding out for my Starburst jelly beans that are traveling from Houston next week ;)

| THREE | Dance MomsMy name is Abby and I have a Dance Moms addiction. Abby Lee Miller and co just crack me up with each episode. AND the ALDC is in Sydney this week in the search for their newest team member – I resisted the urge to buy tickets to the performance.

| FOUR | Bodecare body brushes. Has anyone ever used a detoxifying body brush? Life changing! I adore this body brush from Bodecare.

Bodecare body brush (image via Bodecare)

| FIVE | You Chews. Last, but certainly not least, is You Chews. You Chews is a start up that I’ve been working with over the last 2 months or so, helping out with blogging and social media management and strategy. The company is run by a fabulous fellow American, Liz Kaelin, and the company is a catering and artisan food marketplace for local Sydney food vendors. I loved their mantra from the moment I applied for the role: “We’re anti-soggy spring rolls and pro-BBQ pulled pork rolls for office lunches” because how many terrible office lunches have you had before?? Totally relatable. Check out their site as well as the blog – and if you’re working in Sydney, consider ordering some of their amazing foods; they’ll definitely beat a soggy sandwich!

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The one with the book list (round 2)

Y’all know me: I am a voracious reader. I like to read 2, 3 books at a time, and thankfully for our bank account, I joined the library here in Sydney (I also love libraries, did y’all know that, too?) So after much research, I have a book list for you!

For your pinning, viewing and of course, reading pleasure, here are some of my favorite books for the spring – at least for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere :) A fall book list for those of us in the southern half of the world. Happy reading!

Abby's Roads Spring Book List

  • The Dovekeepers: I read that they’re making this into a miniseries on CBS in the states, so you know the story has got to be good! In all seriousness, this one is a bit heavy at times, but is an enthralling fictional account of an actual historical event: the siege of Masada in Israel.
  • The Boston Girl: I originally picked up this one because it is by one of my favorite authors, Anita Diamant, who also wrote The Red Tent (one of my favorite books). While not as good as that work, The Boston Girl is what my mother would call a “beach read”.
  • I am Pilgrim: In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t read this one yet, but Barr has, and his endorsement of the novel is glowing. He doesn’t get much time for reading for pleasure, but he devoured this one – he said it’s a bit like the TV show 24, but the plot was unlike anything he’d ever heard of before. It’s on my list!

Image via Amazon

  • The Sisterhood: As the novel would indicate, this story is one of sisterhood, but the relationships are linked by hundreds of years and several continents. A unique historical fiction read.
  • The Rosie Project: I put my name on waitlist for this one at the library, but it’s so popular that I was several months from getting my hands on it, so I did cave and purchase for my Kindle, and it was 100% worth the $10.99. The story literally made my laugh out loud, and who doesn’t love a happy ending in a sweet love story? I think they’re also making it into a movie!

Image via

  • The Valleys of Assassins and Other Persian Travels: After listening to the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast on Freya Stark, I knew I wanted to read one of her books of her Arabian travels. Her nomadic observations of the peoples in modern day Iraq and Iran (where she traveled extensively in the 1930s) really bring a bygone era back to life, and I truly admire this woman who traveled some uncharted (and oftentimes highly dangerous) areas, many times with just one guide with her – I think that sounds intimidating now, but I can only imagine in the early 1900s!
  • The Pearl that Broke its Shell: If you liked The Kite Runner, this is a story in a similar vein; heartbreaking at times, but a truly lovely story of redemption and perseverance of two women Afghanistan (separated by several centuries).

Image via Amazon

Have y’all read any of the above? What did you of the book list? And, as always, I’m constantly looking for new books to read, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know. Until next time…

The one with the Australian Grand Prix

This past weekend, we packed our bags and headed south to Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. Although we’re from Charlotte, NC (home of NASCAR), we’re not exactly huge NASCAR folks….blasphemous, I know. However, over the last 5 years or so, Barr has really gotten into Formula 1 racing, and we’ve always regretted not going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (the last race of the F1 season) when we lived in Dubai, so we made up for it this time around by going to the first race of the F1 season in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.

Albert Park in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix!

Albert Park in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix!

Even though I’m not the Formula 1 fan in the family, I am subjected get to watch the race (and qualifiers) each weekend of the season, so I’m not a complete dunce when it comes to the races: I have a basic idea of how the cars work, the top drivers, and I’m always intrigued by the locations where they hold the various Grand Prix (Bahrain, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, ATX, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, etc) – always {seemingly} glam!

Cheering on Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian of the field (and a Perth-ite)

Cheering on Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian of the field (and a Perth-ite)

The Australian Grand Prix aside, as you may remember, Melbourne is one of my favorite cities, so no one needed to twist my arm to go! We opted to only get tickets for Sunday (the final day of the race) so we could have the day to hang out in Melbourne. We saw some fun friends Friday night, ate delicious food (duh, standard in Melbourne) and strolled on the Yarra River on a perfect fall day Saturday afternoon. But Sunday was race day. :)

It's tricky to catch them going by - they speed by SO fast!

It’s tricky to catch them going by – they speed by SO fast!

We got to Albert Park (where the race was held) well before the 4PM start time so we could scope out the other races and see the Qantas flyover! I was really excited about this one. They also has F18 flyovers (the kind where you need to cover your ears the planes are so loud/awesome), but Qantas had a 747 do a really unique flyover as well – though it came in to view a taaaaad bit slower than the others, the Qantas 747 did some incredible “tricks” that I’ve never seen such a large plane attempt. You can check out the video here, if you’re so inclined (it’s way cool!)

Qantas 747 during the Australian Grand Prix

Qantas 747 during the Australian Grand Prix

Then it was time for the main event! I brought my ear plugs, but recently Formula 1 changed the motors so the cars themselves aren’t as loud. Basically, the day before (qualifying) the drivers get their post positions where they’ll begin on race day – typically, this more or less dictates the winner, but you never know! Anyway, the cars get up to 220mph (!!!) so these cars and their respective drivers are MOVING!

Australian Grand Prix

Happy happy in Melbourne

Long story short, the race was badass and the winner of the Australian Grand Prix was pole position 1: Lewis Hamilton. For those of you that aren’t familiar with F1, but are fans of popular culture, he used to date Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls. ;) After the cars had cleared the track, spectators were allowed to walk it – Barr even grabbed a teeny piece of tire rubber.

Selfie on the track

Selfie on the track



I had been hearing about F1 Grand Prix for years, ever since Barr stumbled upon the Monaco Grand Prix in 2008, so I’m really glad I got to experience it for myself! And given the cool locales of the races, I wouldn’t be opposed to going to another (Brazil, perhaps?) Until next time…

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Five on Friday: All about Podcasts

Do y’all listen to podcasts? Am I completely late to the game on this one? It’s entirely possible as I am by no means trendy. Anyway, I’ve recently really gotten into podcasts as I brave public transportation and lots of walking here in Sydney, and figured I’d use the Five on Friday to bring you my favorite five as of late – though I’m always hearing about new ones, especially if y’all have any recommendations!

{Side note I was obsessed with Serial – who wasnt?? – but I’ve left it off this particular list; however, if you haven’t listened to it yet, do so STAT!!}

| ONE | This American Life. I feel like this one is standard. Anyone I ask for their favorite podcasts automatically replies “This American Life”. Almost like there should be a “duh” at the end there. I love the topical (and sometimes random) content. And I find Ira Glass’ voice really soothing.

| TWO | Stuff You Missed in History Class. I’m such a history nerd, but even if history wasnt your thing in school, this podcast is still a winner. Yes, they have heavier topics such as the Battle of Bosworth and stuff, but then they’ll do more light-hearted podcasts like “Building Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion” or “The Dark History of Sea Monkeys”.

| THREE | The Influence Podcast. I learned about this podcast from fellow Texas turned Aussie blogger, Courtney (of Alkeks Abroad). This series focuses on women who want to make their lives purposeful, inspirational and most importantly, God-centric. Plus, they regularly feature one of my favorite people: Lara Casey (I’m literally obsessed with her Southern Weddings magazine, Power Sheets, verse cards, blog, etc – she’s a real inspiration!)

| FOUR | How They Blog. By virtue of the name of this podcast, obviously it’s focused for a particular listener, but if any of my fellow bloggers out there are looking for guidance, ideas, encouragement, etc, this is a quick listen!

| FIVE | The Amateur Traveler. I randomly came across this one before we left for our trip to Tasmania a few weeks ago as he did a podcast on the state, and now I’m hooked! A great one to look up before you take a trip to see if he’s down an overview of your destination or if you’re just interested in a cool city/country/state.

Do y’all have any favorite podcasts? Until next time…

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The one with the shutter speed overview

A few weeks ago, my post on an overview of the aperture mode function of a camera went over really well, so here we go with 2.0 on a {hopefully} easy overview of the camera’s shutter speed function.

Shutter Speed Overview

What is it?

  • On your camera knob, it’s usually the “S” letter on the dial
  • Shutter speed refers to how long your camera lens is open when taking a picture (technically speaking, the exposure time)

Why use it?

  • Typically, one would use shutter speed in action shot situations – either you want to freeze an action shot (fast shutter speed) or blur an action shot (slow shutter speed)
  • Just remember that shutter speed is a really important feature when shooting sports or moving children ;)

Shutter Speed Overview 6vs.

Shutter Speed Overview 5

How to apply it?

  • Twist your camera’s knob to the “S” function – this means you’re manually controlling the speed by which your camera’s lens will close – your camera will automatically correct the aperture based on the speed you select
  • On the screen or camera’s settings (each one is different, so reference your specific manual or Google), you’ll see a range of numbers – here’s you cheat sheet overview for aperture:
    • Smaller number (fractions) = faster shutter speed = frozen action
    • Larger number (larger fractions or whole #s) = slower shutter speed = blurred action
      • You’ll probably want/need a tripod if you’re speed is really slower as your hand won’t be steady enough to keep the camera still for the entire length of the photo

When to use it?

  • Faster speed (frozen action – smaller #, i.e., 1/100): Use when you want to capture a single busy subject that is moving or in a moving scene. This is the speed you’ll want to use if you want to capture and freeze the image of your crawling baby, always on the move!
  • Slower speed (blurred action – larger #, i.e, 1/4): Use when you want to blur or slightly distort a quick action. This is the speed you’ll want to use if you’d like to create those light streaks from moving cars at night or blurred water effects from a flowing river
    • Just remember that with a shutter speed of less than 1/60 or so, keep the camera very steady or use a tripod

So there’s you’re mini shutter speed lesson! The aperture (A) and shutter speed (S) modes are the two I utilize most often on my camera, and understanding the basics of the numbers with which they are associated is always useful. Until next time…

Shutter Speed Overview Cheat Sheet

The one with the Secret Foodies

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I just posted a sneak peek into an amazing Secret Foodies event I went to with a friend last week.  Y’all, Secret Foodies here in Sydney is the best! I am a self-proclaimed foodie, but to me, all that really means is that I like to eat and I do really appreciate food. It’s funny because when I was growing up, I was literally one of the world’s pickiest eaters (sorry Mom and Dad!), but now I feel like I’ll try pretty much anything once – and I really can be adventurous in my culinary choices (frankly, I think you have to be when you travel or move around a lot.)

Shh Secret Foodies Sydney

Anyway, Secret Foodies. I wanted to try something different in terms of a dining out experience, and when I googled around for that kind of thing in Sydney, Secret Foodies was one that came up over and over. I was intrigued. Basically, Secret Foodies is a “surprise dining experience” for food lovers – every few weeks, a dinner is held in an undisclosed location in Sydney and each has a set theme. So you dont know where and what the meal will exactly entail, but you have a general idea based on that dinner’s theme and you know it’ll be in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Cool, right?

The Secret Foodies "Organic Way" meal menu

The Secret Foodies “Organic Way” meal menu

When I checked out the Secret Foodies website, I perused the upcoming local events and decided upon the dinner entitled “The Organic Way” (previous Secret Foodie meals have included “Secret Wine Society”, “Sushi E” and “Neighborhood Bar”.) The price appears steep initially, but given that there are several hearty courses, each paired with an alcoholic beverage, in reality, the meal truly comes out to basically less than you’d pay for the exact same thing at the eatery (and typically, that menu isn’t offered to the public – or at least certain dishes may not be!)

The organic vegetable salad with goat's cheese

I wish I had brought my actual camera with me (vs the iPhone), as the food pictures aren’t up to snuff (sorry!!), but trust me: this food was incredible. This was the organic vegetable salad with goat’s cheese.

The day of the Secret Foodies dinner, my girlfriend and I (and the other 20 or so diners) got a text message with the location and address of the dinner. The Organic Way was held at the newly renovated Centennial Hotel in Woollarha (not an actual hotel, remember, just a renovated pub/restaurant). Side note: if you’re in Sydney, definitely check out the Centennial for drinks or dinner (or high tea apparently) – the vibe was super cool!

Anyway, the Secret Foodies dinner was set up on one long table so you could get to know and chat all of the fellow diners – they want it to be a real social event! As I said above, I wish I had brought my big girl camera, so sadly my iPhone snaps will have to suffice, but the food we enjoyed was to die for. All of the fare was fresh and organic, and after the meal was over, the chef came out to discuss where he and his team sourced the food – a great way to cap off the even. Or maybe that was the dessert… ;)


Gimme! A dessert in which even a Celiac can indulge!

Secret Foodies is definitely a special occasion meal, but I highly recommend it to anyone living in or visiting Sydney; it’s a cool way to enjoy a special meal with some new people. Plus, who doesn’t like a secret?? Check out the Secret Foodies website for more details and information on their upcoming meals, and until next time…

My friend Jess and I donning our Secret Foodie masks :)

My friend Jess and I donning our Secret Foodie masks :)

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like this week went by too fast, and I’m ready for the weekend. So without further ado..

| ONE | March 1 marked the first day of fall in Australia, and it’s funny because when we returned to Sydney on Monday, it definitely felt a touch cooler. Not to mention I can bear to sleep with a blanket on top of me for the first time…well, since we moved here. That being said, endless summer: Ill miss you!

| TWO | This weekend, Sydney hosts the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, celebrating the vibrant community here in Sydney. They’re already shutting down streets in anticipation for this weekend’s event – over 10,000 people are scheduled to participate – and Nick Jonas will be performing. I cant wait to see this!

| THREE | Is a funfetti cake ever a bad idea? I love that that Molly experimented with different sprinkles. A girl after my own heart.

Give me ALL the sprinkles, please (image via

| FOUR | Have y’all seen the Ad Council’s recent video on love, inclusion and diversity? If you haven’t, do yourself a happy favor and watch below – how much better is love than hate? Love is patient, love is kind.

| FIVE | Last, but certainly not least, my mom is coming to visit at the end of the month, and I cant wait! I tried not to think about it too much up until now as it still felt quite a ways away, but now that we’re in the same month as her arrival, I’ve started the planning process! Already booked our Sydney Opera House trip: Madame Butterfly :D

Happy March, everyone! Until next time…


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